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Dal 1508

FROM 1508


the history

of our lands

is intertwined with that 

of a creative artisan

who became the most

influential architect

of all times:

Andrea Palladio



Palladio made Vicenza

a masterpiece of the Renaissance,

he scattered his jewels throughout

the lands of the Serenissima

and became its Proto, meaning

its first official architect.

andrea palladio

His works and his thinking

became known all over the world,

breathing life to the most famous architectural movement in history

that to this day, still carries his name,





In 1994 Vicenza and the Palladian Villas

have been included in the list of "World Heritage" list.

In the "Word Heritage List" there are twenty-three  

registered Palladian monuments in the historic center and three villas 

located just outside the ancient city walls.

In 1996 the UNESCO recognition was extended to include twenty-one more Palladian villas.

Stati Uniti

With the resolution #259 dated December 6th, 2010

the Congress of the United States of America

recognized Andrea Palladio as the

father of the American architecture.

Andrea Palladio,

the most influential

architect of history.

In every neighborhood, in every building's architecture,

as Ancient Rome's prestigious architect Vitruvius said,

"you have to consider three things, otherwise, no building will deserve to be commended/will be succesfull:

cielo stellato rielab mr 0
cielo stellato rielab mr 3
cielo stellato rielab mr 1
cielo stellato rielab mr 4
cielo stellato rielab mr 2
cielo stellato rielab mr 0
cielo stellato rielab mr 5

The three aspects to be considered are Efficiency or ease of use,

stands the Test of Time and Beauty. For these reasons you could not call a work perfect that is only useful in the short time or that isn't practical or that, beside having these two characteristics, lacks a certain aesthetic Beauty".

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